Reagan Vanoss Memorial Fairfield City Starz Dance Scholarships awarded

May 11, 2022 | Community

Purple Monkey Project, with resounding approval from “Mrs. Jean”, AKA Jeannie Phalen Meyers, teacher extraordinaire of Fairfield City Starz Dance, presented two dance scholarships at the end of the year dance recital this weekend. Brennan Bromwell and Ainsley Sheafer both exhibit the joy, kindness, and love of dance exhibited by Reagan when she was a student with Mrs. Jean. Read on to learn more about these great kids!

All about Brennan

Brennan Bromwell is a 4th grade student at Fairfield West Elementary. Brennan has been dancing with the Fairfield City Starz Program since he was 3 years old. If you YouTube you will find Brennan stealing the show when he was in the peewee ballet class and dressed up like an elf and kept dancing even when the curtain was going down – it was an audience classic moment!

Brennan takes ballet, jazz, tap and hip hop and he gives it his all! When asked to be The Greatest Showman, a zombie, or do the mambo dressed like a mariachi king, Brennan does it with style and is always willing to try anything new. He has boundless energy and a positive attitude like no other. Brennan’s 4th grade teacher Mrs Stokes said this about Brennan, “Brennan is truly a model student in the classroom. He is a leader for the other students and is always striving to work to his best ability. Brennan is a kind-hearted young man and greets everyone with a smile.

Brennan was one of four students recently asked to play in the Steel Drum group. His goal is to play percussion for Fairfield.

It is his kind heart, leadership and good attitude that Regan Vanoss exemplified and that is why Brennan Bromwell will receive a full year dance scholarship from the Purple Monkey Project. Reagan’s spirit and love for dance will continue to shine on!

All About Ainsley

Ainsley is in the 9th grade and is home schooled. Ainsley has been a part of the Starz dance program since she was 3 years old. She takes pointe and is in the Teen dance class.

Ainsley’s spirit and zest for life if evident as soon as you meet her. She is never without a smile on her face or a kind word for someone. She is without a doubt one of the most positive, kind and truly happiest people, and her commitment to dance is exemplary. Ainsley has only missed one dance class this year and that was due to a mandatory mock trial she participated in for school. She even came to class the day after she had 4 wisdom teeth pulled and observed so she wouldn’t miss anything! She volunteers in the dance room for 7 classes a week. She can be found taking little ones to the bathroom, tying shoes, wiping tears from a student who is having a bad day or working on private lessons for a student who just needs some extra help. Her volunteer heart extends out from the dance room. Ainsley is very active in her church, The Fairfield Church of the Nazarene. She actively helps to keep their food pantry stocked and can be found putting boxes together for distribution. She also volunteers in the children’s rooms every Sunday. The Youth Pastor said “Ainsley is a remarkable young woman and the kids in our youth program are just drawn to her – she is a take charge and very mature and responsible person”.

Purple Monkey Project is extending a year long scholarship which will cover the cost of two sessions of dance and costuming for the 2022-2023 season. Reagan was a Starz dancer who exuded the same heart of kindness that Ainsley exhibits and her spirit and zest for life will live on in the hearts of the dancers that take the stage at the Fairfield Community Arts Center.