#PurpleMonkeyProject gives back!

Mar 13, 2022 | Community

Purple Monkey Project may be taking its first, wobbly steps as a non-profit, but we have already been spreading the joy!  Our plans for the future are BIG, and with your donations we have:

  • Given doughnuts to the teachers at Fairfield West Elementary (Reagan’s school) as well as Compass Elementary. Doughnuts were also distributed at the Fairfield Police Department.
  • Fairfield Show Choir, of which Reagan was THE BIGGEST FAN ** , was given scholarship funds to pay fees for individual students as well as to help cover expenses for the season.
  • This month a bowling scholarship is set to be awarded to both Fairfield High School and Hamilton High School teams.
  • This spring, a scholarship will be awarded to the Fairfield City Starz Dancers. Reagan was one of the cutest Starz ballerinas ever!

** In April of last year, Reagan participated in the “Show Choir Experience” – a chance for younger students to get a taste of show choir. Although she did well and had a good time, Reagan declared that it was not “her cup of tea”! She was so proud of her big sisters Avary and Alayla and was their biggest fan and cheerleader!